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Demetrios, Part VII: Balls Or Nothing
IN WHICH THIS BRAT DESERTS A SINKING SHIP. If I'd felt our sexual encounter was abrasive -- and I was[...]
Demetrios, Part VI: The Smell of Napalm in the Morning
IN WHICH THE GODS SEND IN A NEW LEADING WOMAN. Demetrios had given me an emphatically unhot pounding, alright, because[...]
Demetrios, Part V: True Grit
IN WHICH DEMETRIOS PLUNGES INTO MY DEEP END. The only sound was the waves breaking on the beach, but I[...]
Demetrios, Part IV: When Chaste Is Chastened
IN WHICH I ENJOY NATURE AU NATUREL. Considering his midnight timing to end our romantic kisses, it was entertaining to[...]
Demetrios, Part III: Everything’s Fresh But My Man
IN WHICH THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT MEANS NO STROKES FOR ME. Demetrios was about to kiss me, but just then[...]
Demetrios, Part II: Aural Oral Oracle
IN WHICH I MAGNETIZE A MAGNATE. The yacht pulled way from Heraklion at sunset, a stunning setting for imbibing the[...]
Demetrios, Part I: Scratch ‘N’ Sniff
IN WHICH I FIND SOME CRETANS ARE CRETINS. I spent a glorious week exploring the attractions of Crete and the[...]
Presentation Is Everything, Part X: Fragrance — Scent of a Woman
IN WHICH I CONSIDER THE IMPORTANCE OF SMELLING LIKE A ROSE. One of my fondest memories is at the age[...]

Meet Mrs. Hot

My heartfelt mission is to unleash the Inner Goddess in all of us, so it is my pleasure to help you liberate your personal Force of the Feminine. It’s all good — and it’s all good, clean and dirty fun — though here and there I might discuss a serious topic, like sexual healing, or releasing toxic people from our life. Because we need to illuminate and dispel the dark before we can shine our brilliant light of fabulous out into the world. After all, we’re not here to simply exist. We’re here to live — Life à la Hot!

As a child, my female identity was wounded. Between my damaged sexuality, low self-esteem, toxic habits, body issues, and a lifetime of abandonment of different kinds, I had plenty of challenges — actually, opportunities for growth — to take on in my later years.

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