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The Book of Hot: A Manifesto
lives up to its subtitle as a call to arms--and legs, and sundry other parts of the female anatomy..."

Barbara Hoffman

Art Editor

The New York Post

"An entertaining and educational firsthand account of an older woman's single sexual life."

Kirkus Reviews

"Move over, Helen Gurley Brown! Here's Mrs.Hot, come to transform us, body and soul--with a nice, juicy side of sexy advice. And laughing all the time!

Diana Maychick

Author of Meryl Streep: Reluctant Superstar and Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait

"Outrageous fun!"

Kitsy Clare

Author of The Art of Love Romance Series

"Move over “Fifty Shades of Grey” and welcome Mrs.Hot, the most outrageous, entertaining, and sexy blog on the planet. Mrs.Hot blows up every reader’s expectations, conceptions and misconceptions about dating and sex after 50. She gives us the disruptive conviction that we can pass through middle age and beyond kicking with ecstasy and screaming with pleasure.”
Marina London

Alltop Best of the Best blog

“Aging beautifully begins when we are young, and will be a most generous benefactor throughout your life. We are talking here about attitude, reverence for all that lives, and a willingness to forgive over and over. None of this is easy. Ever. But the reward over time will bless your life tenfold. In grace always,”
Ilene Cummings 

The Beauty Conversation

“ is my go-to site for all things sensual and sexy, and for great ideas of how I can spice up my love and sex life. Mrs.Hot is amazing! She has a way of just saying how it is — she doesn’t dance around the topic, just gets right in there — so you get the good juice straight away without trying to figure out how to go about it. Thank you so much for your candid comments and fabulous content – LOVE IT!!”
Jennifer Angel
Astrologer, Star magazine (formerly NY Daily News)

Dear Goddesses, thanks ever so much for your support!

Love, and keep that bad hottitude,

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