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Welcome to my world, my website, and my blog! Here I share with you my hot insights on transformation, self-actualization, health, beauty and style.

My heartfelt mission is to unleash the Inner Goddess in all of us, so it is my pleasure to help you liberate your personal Force of the Feminine. It’s all good—and it’s all good fun—though here and there I might discuss a serious topic, like sexual healing, or releasing toxic people from our life. Because we need to illuminate and dispel the dark before we can shine our brilliant light of fabulous out into the world. After all, we’re not here to simply exist an existence. We’re here to live—a Life à la Hot!

As a child, my female identity was wounded. Between my damaged sexuality, low self-esteem, toxic habits, body issues, and a lifetime of abandonment of different kinds, I had plenty of challenges—actually, opportunities for growth—to take on in my later years.

Understanding that it’s now or never, I chose to claim my power, catapulting myself into self-actualization by tackling my issues to root out their origins, while consciously changing the behaviors they motivated. I share that journey with you, dear reader, in my earliest posts.

My healing and transformation have brought the vitality, joy and fulfillment that eluded me for a lifetime, including the enthusiastic embrace of my newly robust sexuality. Celibacy has become celebration, à deux : I regularly consume a hot meal of male, and I invite you, dear reader, to a seat at my table.

May my insights and belief in you inspire you to liberate your Inner Goddess and bring her out to play! Let the games begin!


Yours truly,



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